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About Our Training

We believe that training is essential for safe firearm operation as well as effective self-defense. Our Conceal Carry Weapon (CCW) training conforms to the new 2019 California DOJ and Tulare County requirements of 4 hours Classroom, and 4 hours of practical qualification with your firearms. CCW Renewals now require 2 hours classroom and 2 hours of firearms qualifications. During the practical qualification process you must demonstrate reasonable competence with each of your firearms you wish to have included on your CCW permit.

Standard Courses

$225Per Training Day
  • Handgun I & II, Tactical Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Defensive Shotgun, Concealed Carry Handgun Skills Course

Advanced / Special Courses

$250Per Training Day
  • Handgun CQB, Advanced Handgun, Vehicle Based Incidents, Advanced Tactical Rifle, Precision Rifle I & II


125Per Person
  • Backup Gun/Concealed Carry Seminar, Concealed Carry Skills, Low Light Seminars, Tactical Medicine

Any Questions About Hand Guns?

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