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We are now offering custom Cerakote in any color!

Popular Products!

Here are popular items we currently have in stock at all times but might not include the 400+ hand guns we carry.

Glock G17


Full-size 9mm semi-auto.
4.5” barrel; 25 oz weight

Glock G19


Mid-size 9mm semi-auto.
4” barrel; 23.6 oz weight.

Glock G23


Mid-sized .40SW semi-auto.
4” barrel; 23.6 oz weight.

Glock G27


Compact .40SW semi-auto.
3.5” barrel; 21.9 oz weight.

Any Questions About Long Guns?

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No Guns are sold through our website and can only be purchased in store.
Prices are for customizing services or training only!