We are now offering custom Cerakote in any color!

Customizing Gallery!

Here are several custom Cerakote painted hand guns and long guns. ( Click photos to enlarge )

Captain America Glock G19

Captain America Glock G19

Basic Grip Package; Pyramid trigger; Captain America themed Cerakote Finish (four-color).

Close Up Burnt

Detail of Burnt Bronze Premium Grip Package w/ custom knurled slide; CMC Flat trigger.

Custom AR Pair

Sharps Brothers Lowers (“Jack” and “Hellbreaker”), WeBuildUnique handgards; Magpul furniture; Custom Cerakote finish.

Sharps Bros "Jack" Lower

Sharps Bros “Jack” Lower

AR-15 Lower from Sharps Brothers; Realistic three-color custom “bone” Cerakote finish.

G23 OD Green EDC Package

EDC Package; Optional optics cut; Trijicon RMR; OD Green Cerakote finish.

Gen 2 Close Up

Premium Grip Package, Custom-mixed Metalic Grey Cerakote finish.

Green Shield

Green Shield

Basic Grip Package; OD Green and Graphite Black Cerakote finish.

Kryptek Mossberg 500

Kryptek Mossberg 500

Shotgun Cerakote finished in six-color Kryptek pattern.

Glock G19 Compensated

Custom machined slide with front serrations, custom top and side ports, optics cut; Premium Gripe Package; TBRCi Compensator; Streamlight TR1 Tactical Light; Gun and accessories Distressed Titanium Cerakote finish.

Spartan Glock G19

Spartan Glock G19

“Spartan” milled slide; Premium Grip Package w/Spartan Helmet Logo; Distressed Gold (two-tone) Cerakote finish; Overwatch Precision TAC trigger; AmeriGlo IDot Pro sights; Blacklist match-grade barrel.

Glock 23 Judge

“Judge” slide cut (serrations, dual-windows, optics cut); Premium Grip Package, Overwatch Precision DAT Trigger; AmeriGlo sights; Distressed Flat Dark Earth two-tone Cerakote finish.

Glock G19 EDC

EDC Package; Milled Front Serrations with lettering removed; Overwatch Precision Falx trigger; BEC sights; Lantac barrel; Glove-bevel added; two-tone distressed orange Cerakote finish.

Glock 19 Accelerator Package

Milled slide (Accelator Cut front serrations, windows and optics cut), Premium Grip Package, two-tone “Distressed Titanium” Cerakote finish.


Custom slide milling: front serrations, windows on sides and top, optics cut; Stippled grip; Distressed Titanium (two-tone) Cerakote finish; Trijicon RMR; Trijicon sights; Lobos trigger.

Glock 22 Accelerator

Accelerator Cut front serrations, windows and optics cut, Premium Grip Package; Overwatch precision DAT trigger; Midnight Bronze Cerakote finish.


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