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Laser Engraving can be applied to Cups, Keys, Firearms - pretty much anything that's metal or polymer and will fit under our laser!

Hunter Safety Course

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Taught Here! Next Class: Saturday, February 24th 7am ~ 5pm Required for all New Hunters Pre-register here: https://www.register-ed.com/programs/california/160  

Presidents’ Day Sale!

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20% Off All Shooting Supplies and Accessories 20% Off Ammo This sale includes Optics, Cases, Cleaning Supplies, 80% Lowers (both 5.56 and .308), 100% Lowers (both 5.56 and .308), Complete Uppers (5.56, .308, 12 ga.), Sights, Magazines, Target Cameras, Targets, Cleaning Mats, Triggers, Butt stocks, and on and on! Also included are our Knives from famous [...]

New Arrival – Chiappa Rhino

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Chiappa Rhino 40DS  .357 Magnum features a unique bottom-chamber cylinder and radically undercut trigger guard for superior hand-arm-barrel alignment. This Just In! The Chiappa Rhino sports a unique, radical design for a revolver: it fires from the lowest chamber in the cylinder. This, along with the radically undercut trigger guard, provides unprecedented alignment between the [...]