California ARs: Removing the Evil Features

//California ARs: Removing the Evil Features

California ARs: Removing the Evil Features

Make your rifle “Featureless” with Three Modifications – and keep it off the Assault Weapons Registry

You have until Dec. 31st 2017 to either make your AR-15 style rifle compliant, or register it as an Assault Weapon. If you register your rifle as an assault rifle, it (and you) will be subject to some draconian restrictions. That’s a discussion for another day. Meanwhile, we recommend you make a few modifications and bring your favorite black-scary-rifle into compliance – by removing/modifying the “Scary Parts” as long as you can live with these changes.

1. Replace your Collapsible/Telescoping Stock with a Fixed Stock

Fixed stocks come in a variety of styles and features. One of the simpler, high-quality options is the Magpul such as this:


2. Add a Pistol Grip Wrap (Fin)

Placing this wrap over your pistol grip prevents your thumb from wrapping around the grip, thereby making it no longer a “pistol” grip.


3. Replace your “Flash Hider” with a Muzzle Brake (or Recoil Compensator)

This is another part of the law that truly establishes that the legislators who wrote and voted for the law had no idea what they were doing.  But I think we all knew that. In any event, there are a wide variety of Muzzle Brakes available. Here are three that we have in stock: the Midwest Industries MB1, the CMME SV Brake, and the Lantac Dragon.

In Summary

Make all three of  these fairly simple modifications – anytime between now and the end of 2017 – and you won’t have to register your “scary” rifle as an Assault Weapon. We have all these in stock, and we’ll be getting more – so come on in.


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